Xaver Maierhofer

Coffee enthusiast, arch linux, open source, founder / senior developer @catchIT. In the following sections are projects in which I'm involved in.


I'm one of the founders of catchIT GmbH, located in Regensburg. Our company got started in February 2018, and we provide development around Shopware, Symfony and other platforms. Regensburg

It is a restaurant platform for Regensburg, develop on the base of the Symfony framework. The goal is mainly to gather information and find a place to eat or remind me of a restaurant I never ate before. At some point, I asked some friends to help. Still in early stages, but publicly available.

Docker Mate

Started out with Bedrock Docker from schliflo and making it more & more flexible and configurable for different projects. At some point we decided to release it as replacement and started to add documentation, different layers. Now we run all my PHP based projects with.

Freifunk Regensburg

Freifunk is an open Wi-Fi network build by local communities. I'm a member of Freifunk Regensburg and am responsible for the website and some parts of the infrastructure.


Meshviewer is an online visualization web application to represent nodes and links on a map or typology of Freifunk open mesh network.

Removed projects

I developed and contributed to multiple projects, but some software is obsolete like Vagrant Box and others projects aren't in my personal focus anymore. Take a look at my GitHub profile and you will find contributes to multiple projects.