Xaver Maierhofer

Coffee enthusiast, arch linux, open source, founder / senior developer @catchIT. Following sections are project there i'm involved.


I'm one of founders of catchIT GmbH in Regensburg. We started in 2018 our own company and we provide services around TYPO3 and Shopware.

Freifunk Regensburg

Freifunk is an open wifi network build by local communities. I'm part of team in Regensburg and help where i can (website, server, infrastructure).


Meshviewer is an online visualization web application to represent nodes and links on a map or typology of Freifunk open mesh network.


TYPO3 is a powerful open-source enterprise content management system. A few years ago fluid from the flow framework was introduced as new templating system for TYPO3. FluidTYPO3 provides a collection of viewhelpers and to define information for backend also in template.

Shopware Vagrant box

A Vagrant box with Shopware deployed and everything ready for development. Including all necessary tools. Originally it was build internally for Onedrop and released afterwards. This project is more or less obsolete, but has a nice looking website